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Other Projects

  • Human Rights
  • Human Rights Commission Inquiry
  • Citizenship
  • Church and State
  • Judicial Independence
  • Civil Service Reform
  • Freedom of Information

    Human Rights
    The Trust is monitoring the implementation and impact of the Human Rights Act 1998. It keeps under review UK and ECHR human rights case law, and monitors UK anti-terrorism legislation, in particular the Terrorism Act 2000, the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2002 and the Government's derogations from the European Convention on Human Rights as a result of the 2002 Act.

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    Human Rights Commission Inquiry
    The Trust assists the Joint Committee on Human Rights' Inquiry into the proposal for a Human Rights Commission for the UK. The Trust has completed an audit of the written evidence received by the JCHR further to its public consultation exercise conducted during 2001 and has produced a comparative paper on the duties, powers and functions of equality and human rights commissions.

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    The Trust monitors the Government's evolving policies on social cohesion and citizenship. In the wake of the Bradford and Oldham riots, the Home Secretary referred to the need to "develop a stronger understanding of what our collective citizenship means" (Guardian, 14 December 2001). The Government's recent White Paper, Secure Borders, Safe Haven, has formed the basis of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill 2002 which has been the subject of a report by the Joint Committee on Human Rights.

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    The Trust is tracking the progress of the Bill and monitoring its compatibility with the UK's domestic and international human rights obligations. The Trust seeks to ensure that the Government's proposals on citizenship foster and promote an inclusive notion of citizenship, reflective of all of our society.

    House of Commons Debates on Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill 2002:
    Second Reading, 24 April 2002
    Committee Stage, May 2002
    Report Stage, 11 June 2002
    Report Stage, 12 June 2002

    House of Lords Debates on Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill 2002:
    Second Reading, 24 June 2002
    Committee Stage, 8 July 2002
    Committee Stage, 9 July 2002
    Committee Stage, 10 July 2002
    Committee Stage, 15 July 2002

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    Church and State
    The Trust supports the ongoing campaign to disestablish the Church of England and sever the links between Church and State. The Trust argues that the State's favouring of one religion in preference to numerous others undermines efforts to create a truly multicultural society without discrimination on the grounds of race or religion.

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    House of Lords debate on Church and State, 22 May 2002.

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    Judicial Independence
    The Trust supports the campaign for a separate Constitutional and Supreme Court for the United Kingdom. The creation of this new legal institution would remove the law lords from the House of Lords, ensuring the clear separation of judicial and legislative powers and guaranteeing an independent and properly resourced final court of appeal.

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    Civil Service Reform
    The Trust presses for reform of the current fragmented and opaque rules on the roles of civil servants and special advisers and its replacement with a coherent single Civil Service Act in the interests of transparency and good administration. The Trust is monitoring the work of the Committee on Standards in Public Life (the Wicks Committee) as they conduct and inquiry into the relationship between civil servants and special advisers.

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    Freedom of Information
    The Trust, which was actively involved in the passage and adoption of the Freedom of Information Act 2001, continues to press for its proper and timely implementation. The Trust continues to monitor progress in central and local government and is pressing for full training of Ministers, officials and public authorities prior to the coming into force of the Act's key provisions.

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